Raising A Resilient Child
​Is One of The Most Important
Things You Can Do
For Your Family

But the statistics are alarming...
One in four kids are suffering through mental health concerns
​and the figures aren’t getting any better.
So how do you help your child become resilient?  And...how do we make sure our children are growing up with the skills needed to bounce back from life's setbacks.
As a teacher for 21 years, and a father of four school aged children...

I know we as parents want our children to be alright, but the pressure placed on them seems endless. 

Over the years, working with educators, parents and psychologists…

 I’ve learned that the answer is…

We need to have conversations with our kids.

Conversations that matter.

Week-in and Week-out.

And over time b uild strong values and healthy habits.
Parents of older children will tell you that these conversations need to happen now.  Well before they get to their teenage years. 
The added pressures of social media, the peer group and independence brought on with mobile phones means that the foundations need to be laid many years prior.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to help develop a positive family mindset. 

It’s about engaging our our children’s daily lives...and learning together.

You see, we can shape their lives in a positive, fun-filled, meaning way.
It’s our job as parents to help our kids build healthy habits and reach their full potential.
Now, it’s important to note...I had to learn these skills through years of hard work.  

In fact, my first few years as a teacher were tough!
I found it difficult to reach each and every one of my learners.
I felt I had the responsibility as their mentor and carer, to instill values like honesty, discipline, positivity, respect and gratitude…

But I just couldn’t get through to some of them.

I was frustrated and felt like a failure.
But then it hit my like a lightning bolt!
I had worked with thousands of kids as teacher over the past 20 years…

But it was watching my children...completely engrossed in YouTube…

When it suddenly occurred to me…

Here’s a way of connecting them to a message that is irresistible to their eyes and ears….VIDEO!

They were totally absorbed in shows that to me seemed like a complete waste of time…

But they loved them!

I didn’t get the appeal of watching a lady with well manicured hands opening mystery toy packets…

...or watching home made skit shows from teenage “celebs”.

But it got me thinking
What if I could use VIDEO as a lure to start important discussions between children and their parents..the ones that needed to be aired?
It all started to make sense.

Our children were already engaging with online content.

So why not tap into this powerful resource!?

I jumped up excitedly to grab my notebook and began writing.

After about 30 minutes I had written down all the values I felt were important to condition a young person’s mind for success.

And the very next Monday the first version of Value of the Week was born.
Each week I would discuss a specific value with the class.
For example, “honesty”.

I would explain what it means to be honest.  And help them see, by describing situations of honest and dishonest behaviour, how being dishonest harms them, their friends and family.

Then we would perform an activity together in class.

I’d pose a scenario and ask a question relating to honesty.  Then learners would raise their hands, and answer the question.  And then we would discuss it.

For example...
"What would you do if..."
“You found $100 in the supermarket?”

“You were playing Monopoly with your friends and they were not looking which left you a chance to cheat?”

“If you were asked by an old man who had bad vision to give him 2 x $2 coins and a $1 coin for $5 however he actually had in his hand a $50 note?”

“Your friend wants to see if they can steal chocolate bars from the local shop and they want you to join in?”

Learners would raise their hands, and answer the question.  Then we would discuss it.
And after just a few months of doing this...every single week...

Something magical started to happen.

​I began noticing the children’s attitude towards me ⎯and their schoolmates⎯ began to shift.

They were more engaged.  More excited to take part.  And seemed... happier!

Their behaviour also begun to shift...

The classroom had a delightful “hum” to it.  I can’t fully describe how it felt, but the energy was much, much different.

More positive.

It was so rewarding to see these kids interacting with each other with love and respect.  Even the “difficult” children were no longer unruly, or mean to other children.

The classroom, and my job as a teacher, had become fun.

So 16 years later, and after seeing the positive changes in the lives of thousands of children…

And the positive changes their relationships with their schoolmates, friends, teachers and families…

I created the Value of the Week with the purpose of teaching valuable life skills to the rest of our “little people”.

We do this by conditioning them to live a positive, fun-filled and meaningful life. 
And now you have a chance to have breakthroughs like this with your child...
Value of the Week
An exciting online learning program that helps you have conversations with your children that really matter.
The program has been developed in consultation with educators, parents and psychologists...
Each week you'll learn values like:
 How to stop the ‘other’ type of ‘Bullying’ that slips under the radar because it is usually done by those closest to us.  And while it is not physical bullying, it carries emotional harm every time it happens to us, without even realising it.

 How to be a ‘Better Friend’.

 How you don’t have to have a fancy title like “Class Captain” to be a ‘Leader’.  And how your child can become a leader by focusing on 2 skills we all possess but seldom use properly.

 The value of ‘Cooperation’.

 How Tony Hawk used ‘Resilience’ to become the first person in the world to land the first “900” trick.  And the 3 beliefs you must have to become resilient, bounce back from setbacks and continue trying to reach your goals.

 The value of ‘Time’.

 How to use your own personal 'Remote Control' to stop classmates from pushing your buttons.  And exactly what to do with your remote control when they make you feel frustrated, sad or left out.

 The value of Being ‘Thoughtful’.

 How having the right ‘Attitude’ is everything in life.  And can help you reach your goals.  And the 5 things to do each day to help develop the right attitude.

 And many, many more
Here's what students are saying about the program...
Okay so here's how to get started with Value of the Week...
For only $7 per month, each week you'll get: 
Value Video teaching a brand new valuable life skill each week.
Discussion Starter to get a conversation going with your child.
Activity Sheet with specific actions for your child to follow.
100% secure. Billing runs month-to-month so no long term commitment.
And here's my promise to you
If you work this program, it will work for you.  

The Value of the Week is all about instilling habits that shape our children’s lives in a positive, fun-filled, meaningful way.

I’ve seen thousands of kids lives change through positive conditioning.

So I know it will work for you.

To your child's brightest future,

Tim Heinecke
​Father, Teacher, Author
Some of the schools currently experiencing the benefits of Value of the Week: